Poverty impacts 8 areas of life

Millions of children are isolated and exploited due to extreme poverty.


Children go days without food resulting in severe malnutrition causing other physical and mental health complications.


Inadequate shelter makes children vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and illness.


Limited access to healthcare and a lack of hygiene leads to life-threatening disease and poor health.


Education is not accessible or sustainable for children who are sick, homeless and unable to afford school fees.

Inability to Earn Money

Legitimate jobs that pay a reliable wage are inaccessible to orphans and vulnerable children.


Vulnerable children are unaware of their rights and their voices are not heard because of their social status.


Orphans and vulnerable children have lost hope of belonging because of being isolated and stigmatized.


Isolation leads children to believe God has forgotten and even abandoned them.

Extreme poverty is complicated

Addressing multiple barriers simultaneously is the only way to overcome the problem.

Learn about our 3-year solution

ZOE equips orphans and vulnerable children to overcome extreme poverty in only three years.

You can change it for $8/month

The Collective is a community of monthly givers creating a future for vulnerable children.

Child stories

Read stories of empowerment from children impacted by ZOE

Child stories

Read stories of empowerment from children impacted by ZOE