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We can end extreme poverty for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children.

Why ZOE?

Because the ZOE model is ending poverty for thousands of the world’s most vulnerable children.

According to global research, 385 million children are living in extreme poverty throughout the world. The debilitating results are disease, hunger, exploitation, abuse, illiteracy, and hopelessness. However, ZOE’s approach has proven that children living in poverty also hold the greatest capacity to create lasting solutions for themselves, their families, and their communities.

By investing in local, indigenous leaders in seven countries, ZOE’s distinctive, holistic international development model provides the vital relationships, training, and resources to empower young participants to overcome the isolation and stigmatization associated with extreme poverty. This three-year empowerment program leads to dignity, self-sustainability, and community transformation.

The cycle of poverty is stopped as you partner with a group of children who are eager to realize their God-given potential. Indigenous leaders and vulnerable children are empowered to develop sustainable solutions rather than being the recipients of handouts. Young people are developed into leaders and entire communities are transformed in the process.


years of support
to empower each child.


percent of graduates
become self-reliant.


dollars to empower each child in 2016.

ZOE’s model isn’t about
US and THEM.
Together — WE are ZOE.

Learn How ZOE Works


Empowerment Changes Everything


When children are empowered without long term reliance on foreign aid, they are much more likely to continue their education. ZOE graduates have gone on to complete college — covering the cost of their own tuition.


Studies show that children who have access to quality health care and disease prevention resources are less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, experience teen pregnancy, and be forced into child marriage.


Small business ownership increases earned income, savings, and community engagement. Empowered children have the resources to care for themselves, their families, and others in their community.


Access to housing and supportive relationships combined with life skills training have resulted in a dramatic reduction in abuse, sexual violence, trafficking, and exploitation of vulnerable children.


ZOE children gain a sense of belonging through their connection to US partners. They experience love from God, the local ZOE staff members, and the other children in their group. A family is created and hope is found.


Children are instilled with a sense of their inherent value and affirmed as image bearers of God. Their dignity is restored and they emerge as leaders who create solutions to escape a cycle of poverty and isolation.

Witness the Multiplying Impact of Empowerment

3 Ways You Can Help

Every dollar invested in empowerment can yield hundreds in future returns. Such an investment that can have an exponential impact toward ending global poverty that this generation has ever experienced.


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