We Are Grateful

There have been 72,270 children impacted by the ZOE empowerment model since it began in 2007. That number represents individual lives — lives that have been transformed in ways you and I can only try to imagine.

ZOE is deeply thankful to all of you who have helped transform 72,270 lives!

One of the greatest parts of my job is meeting the ZOE children and hearing their stories. They share stories of hope, transformation and incredible perseverance that inspires me. ZOE kids are seriously strong.

The part of their story that will forever bring me to my knees in humility is when they share what they are grateful for. They are most thankful for simple things I take for granted. They are thankful for the things I just plain miss as I go throughout my day. I will forever choke up each and every time I sit in front of a young man or young woman and watch their eyes light up as they express their gratitude.

Their gratitude varies but here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share…

Monica in her dress shop in Kenya

Monica – Head of household to three younger siblings. 2015 ZOE Kenya graduate.

“I am thankful that I can buy my siblings the clothing of their choosing. We no longer have to wear whatever is given to us. We get to choose what we like to wear.”



Hawa Liberia

Hawa – Head of household to one younger brother.  ZOE Liberia second-year member.

“I am thankful that when I am feeling bad, I can go to my ZOE mentor, facilitator or group members and they will make me like a human being.”



Anjali holding her business certification

Anjali – ZOE India 2017 graduate. Adoptive mother to one teenage son.

“I am thankful that I no longer have to survive working as a housemaid serving another man. I am now a business owner serving other orphans, training them to one day have a business of their own.”



Henry in his bake shop

Henry – ZOE mentor and 2016 graduate. Trainer to countless orphans in Liberia.

“I am thankful to now know my rights so I can be equipped to stand up for myself and teach others.”



Cecelia and her shoes

Cecelia – Head of household to six younger siblings. 2016 ZOE Kenya graduate. Elected Miss ZOE by her peers.

“I am thankful to have a pair a shoes so I can attend church because it has taught me how to fully trust God.”



Manikamdan – ZOE India shop owner.

“I am thankful that as a physically challenged person, I now have life.”



Miriam in Kenya

Miriam – ZOE Kenya 2017 graduate. Trainer to more than a dozen other orphans.

“I am thankful to have learned how to keep myself clean. I now experience the dignity that comes from good hygiene with decent clothing and shoes.”



Together, with your help, we are empowering the world’s most vulnerable children.  Thank you for joining us in the belief that every child has the right to have something they can be thankful for.


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