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Strong local leadership. Community involvement. Holistic approach.

Building on a foundation of indigenous staff, community leaders, and local resources, ZOE empowers orphans and vulnerable children to become socially, economically, and spiritually strong. 

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ZOE is not about “us” and “them.” Together, we seek to connect our lives with orphans and vulnerable children in areas of high concentration of extreme poverty around the world. As we partner together, community leaders are equipped to identify and empower groups of 60-100 orphans and vulnerable children throughout the three-year program.


ZOE stands behind each group of orphans across multiple areas of intervention by providing the training, mentoring, and resources necessary for food security, safety, health and hygiene, education, spiritual strength, and sustainable economic development. Nothing is done for the children that they are able to accomplish themselves.


Harvests increase, animals reproduce, education and vocational training yield benefits, better health results in better lives, businesses grow — as does the love for God and each other. Empowered children begin adopting other orphans into their group, hiring others to work in their businesses, and giving back to their communities and churches.

“When people who used to abuse me ask for my support, I give it because God has forgiven me.”

— Maggie, ZOE Kenya


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Where We Work

ZOE serves in seven countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and targets areas of extreme poverty with high concentrations of vulnerable children.


We partner with more than 1,500 indigenous volunteers in seven countries.

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