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We can end extreme poverty for thousands of orphans and vulnerable children.

How We Know It Works

Success that’s trackable and repeatable.

Monitoring, tracking and reporting on the success of each empowerment group is a top priority for ZOE. As a baseline, we utilize metrics such as businesses started and re-enrollment in school as a way to measure success. Beyond those figures, we zero-in on sample sizes in each country to collect the data necessary to thoroughly evaluate impact within the eight areas of ZOE’s intervention. This level of reporting and analysis continues for the duration of each empowerment group and continues, but at a lesser degree, following program graduation. ZOE also actively solicits outside studies on the empowerment program.

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Empowerment doesn’t start and stop with one group, it’s a movement that continues to transpire—and we are committed to proving it.

On the streets, the real-time effect of ZOE’s program can be witnessed. Children who once felt displaced and stigmatized in their own community are now emboldened entrepreneurs, providers and leaders who know their worth and their abilities. They become a living testimony as their entire community gets behind their transformation and shares the pride felt from each child’s success. Their businesses are perpetuating growth in their community, and as a result, an entire economic system is reaping the benefits.


communities impacted.


active children in 2018.


empowered graduates.

How You Will Know It Works

Every ZOE Partner receives a final report covering data within each area of empowerment, along with an overview of the future plans for the empowerment group.

ZOE graduates become ZOE donors!

One powerful action taken by young people in the ZOE Kenya program reveals what true empowerment means to ZOE.

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3 Ways To Partner

Every dollar invested in empowerment can yield hundreds in future returns. Such an investment that can have an exponential impact toward ending global poverty that this generation has ever experienced.

See For Yourself

We invite you to join us on a ZOE vision trip to witness the power of empowerment for yourself. If you are a current ZOE partner, you will have the opportunity to visit the group(s) you support.

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