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ZOE Gift Catalog

Unwrap the gift of dreams for a vulnerable child with the gift catalog. Filled with meaningful gifts for your friends and family, the gift catalog lets vulnerable children around the world know that someone believes in their ability to make their dreams come true.

Believe in their dreams.

Every donation is invested in ZOE’s mission to empower orphans and vulnerable children to move beyond charity.

Select a gift that will empower children around the world

What $10 can do.

Rabbits - $10

A gift of $10 helps provide a pair of rabbits to an orphan. Rabbits can be cared for by young children, and reproduce quickly for steady income.


Maize Seed - $10

A gift of $10 provides enough seed for a group of 60-100 orphans to start a farm that will provide them food and income from harvests.


Banana Tree Bulbs - $10

A gift of $10 provides banana tree bulbs which provide nutrition and can be grown year-round in most of the countries where ZOE works.


What $25 can do.

Chickens - $25

A gift of $25 provides a pair of chickens to an orphan family. Chickens provide eggs, a valuable protein source, and reproduce quickly for income.


Cooking Pots - $25

A gift of $25 will purchase cooking pots which can be the difference between sickness and health for a child living in poverty.


School Supplies - $25

For a gift of $25, you can provide an orphan with a uniform, fees, pencils, books, and other materials needed to return to school.


What $50 can do.

Goat - $50

A gift of $50 provides a goat to an orphan in need. A goat provides milk, fertilizer, and can have two or three kids per year to sell for income.


Hairdresser Supplies - $50

A gift of $50 provides aspiring stylists with sinks, hair dryers, combs, and other necessities for their businesses to thrive.


Electronics Repair Kit - $50

A gift of $50 gives participants the opportunity to charge and repair cell phones, operate solar-powered TVs, and run small movie theaters.


What $100 can do.

Carpentry Tools - $100

Carpentry is a very lucrative trade in many villages. A gift of $100 provides an orphan with the tools and training needed to become a carpenter.


Ox Plow - $100

A gift of $100 will provide a young adult with an ox plow to work large tracts of land, providing abundant harvests to eat and sell.


A Basket of Shoes - $100

A gift of $100 can be used to purchase wholesale products such as shoes — which can be sold at a profit in their communities.


What $250 can do.

Bibles - $250

A gift of $250 provides Bibles to groups of orphans so they are able to learn about God’s love in meaningful ways and continue to grow in their faith.


Sewing Machine - $250

$250 provides a sewing machine for orphans to become tailors who provide peers with affordable, high-quality uniforms so they can return to school.


Latrine - $250

Many children live in very rural areas where sanitation resources are limited. Ensuring children have a safe, sanitary, enclosed latrine is essential.


What $500 can do.

Cow - $500

A cow can make a big difference for the vulnerable children ZOE serves. During the program, up to three calves can be born — enabling as many as four families to each have a cow of their own.


Small Business Grant - $500

Orphans often become entrepreneurs of multiple businesses which grow and thrive. This gift provides small business training, financial management skills, and startup funding to a group of ten orphans.


Believe in their dreams.

Every donation is invested in ZOE’s mission to empower orphans and vulnerable children to move beyond charity.

What large-scale impact can do.

Empower a Full Group

Impact 60-100 orphans with a full partnership. Whether you choose to personally fund or to fundraise, you can pick the country. You determine your own payment plan when you make your pledge commitment of $8,000 per year for 3 years.

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Empower a Half Group

Make a pledge commitment for half the cost of a full partnership and impact 30-50 orphans. Whether you choose a payment plan or to fundraise, you pick one of the 7 countries where ZOE works. $4,000 per year for 3 years will move a group of children beyond charity.

Pledge Now

Crowdfund a Group

It only takes $8/month to empower one orphan. Make a decision to do your share and choose the number of children you want to impact. We promise to report back to you about the group of children you are supporting so you can see the difference you are making.

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Give dreams all year long.

It only takes $8 a month to empower one orphan. Choose the number of children you want to invest in, set up your monthly gift, and watch for reports about the group of children you are directly supporting.

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The Gift Catalog prices above represent the equivalent cost to ZOE based on periodic surveys of the countries we serve. Each item purchased is representative of a contribution toward the entire mission of ZOE. Donations will be used to provide assistance where needed most to empower the most vulnerable children in need.
All items are tax-deductible.