Below is a list of all currently scheduled ZOE Trips. There is a minimum of six and a maximum of 20 participants per trip. All trips are subject to cancellation. Registered participants will be notified well in advance in the event of a trip cancellation.

If you are interested in traveling with ZOE, please complete our Trip Inquiry Form or contact Elena Ballam at for more information.



Kenya: January 8-17

Kenya: January 22–31

India: January 23–30

Rwanda: February 6–14 (Waiting List)

India: February 13–20

Kenya: February 19–28 (Waiting List)

Zimbabwe: April 24–May 3

Rwanda: June 19–27

Zimbabwe: June 26–July 5

Kenya: July 16–25

Malawi: July 17–25

Zimbabwe: July 31 – August 8 (Waiting List)

Kenya:  September 3–12

Rwanda:  September 18–26

Liberia: October 8-16


Kenya: January 21-30

India: January 22-29

Rwanda: February 5-13

Kenya: February 18-27

Zimbabwe: April 22-May 1

Rwanda: June 17-25

Kenya: July 14-23

Malawi: July 15-23

Rwanda: July 22-30

Zimbabwe: July 29-Aug 7

Kenya: September 1-10

Rwanda: September 9-17

Liberia: October 6-14


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