A Great Opportunity

Will you help us share an opportunity? Two generous ZOE advocates have offered a challenge for new ZOE supporters who want to experience the blessing of journeying with orphans and vulnerable children. For those who have never supported a ZOE working group before, these supporters are investing 25% of the funding for up to twenty group partnerships!

This means that the usual amount of $8,000 per year for three years to partner with a ZOE working group is now $6,000 per year (or a total of $18,000 over the course of the three-year program). This also translates to 17 people giving $30 per month for three years to fund an entire ZOE group of 60-100 children.

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This unique opportunity is for any individual or group not yet supporting a ZOE working group. It would include new support from existing churches (for example: if your church supports a ZOE group(s) but a new Sunday school class would like to partner – they would qualify). As you may know, all partners receive reports on the progress of the group they support and can even meet the children in person through a ZOE Trip!

For those of you who already know the blessing of walking with these children, we are asking you to help us identify more people who are interested in being a part of the lives of vulnerable children in this powerful way. If you can gauge the interest of a person or group, ZOE staff members are happy to follow-up.

We are more grateful than we can express for any introductions you are able to make. Here are a few possibilities:

  • friends and colleagues who you think may have an interest
  • churches where your friends or family attend (of any denomination)
  • new groups in your own church, Sunday school classes, Bible studies, men’s groups, women’s groups, children’s groups, youth groups, choirs….
  • area businesses and foundations

Partnering with groups of orphans and vulnerable children has been life changing for the children in the program and the people who support them. Thank you for considering this distinctive opportunity and thank you for your willingness to share the power of the ZOE model with people you know. Through your efforts, you are helping to multiply the number of orphans and vulnerable children who are being empowered to move beyond charity.


Gaston Warner, CEO

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